True Beauty Begins with Healthy Cells


Are make-up, masks, or other enhancing forms of cosmetics part of your routine skincare ritual?

If so… ask yourself:

What’s my motivation for wearing makeup?

What is my makeup concealing or hiding?

What am I trying to enhance?

Whatever your answers are to these questions, beauty-enhancing products are not the solution. Skin problems run deep, whether it’s acne in our teenage years, the signs of ageing in our later years, or everything in between; these issues are merely symptoms and signs of greater problems that must be treated, festering deep below the epidermis.

Covering your symptoms with makeup doesn’t heal the underlying cause; it only exacerbates the problem because not only does the issue (or issues) continue untreated, but also because most cosmetics clog your pores, and with their toxic ingredients, erode and damage the skin further.

Unfortunately, many people take a casual attitude towards skin, viewing this organ as something you dress up, pierce, tattoo, surgically alter, or tan, but skin is so much more. Skin is comprised of hundreds of millions of cells that works as part of an organ that includes hairs, sweat glands, blood vessels, nerve endings and wondrous complexities that only the microscope can see.

Skin is our first line of defense against environmental free radical damage; it also enables our sense of touch; regulates body temperature; absorbs oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide; stores lipids and water; synthesizes vitamin D; helps excrete toxins; and is instrumental for strong cellular health.

The quality and amount of water we drink, the toxins in our body, the quality and length of our sleep, our diet, our genetic predisposition, our breathing patterns, how much we exercise (or don’t), work-related or emotional stress, radiation exposure, free radicals, smoking, alcohol, sun exposure and age are all contributing factors to what we see in the mirror.

True rejuvenation is the only solution. Nourishing our cells and detoxifying the body can provide radiant looking skin, remove blemishes, reverse wrinkles, and slow the ageing process.

Once the cells have been nourished and repaired at the cellular level, your glowing, beautiful, vibrant skin won’t need covering-up anymore.

True unadulterated beauty can shine!


2 thoughts on “True Beauty Begins with Healthy Cells”

    1. That’s a great question. Unless one has a background in science, specifically chemistry, it may be difficult to identify what is and what is not a dangerous ingredient. If you visit our website – – and click on the ingredient’s tab, you will find detailed information that can help. Additionally, if you have any questions about specific ingredients, please feel free to e-mail our experts.

      For a fun experiment, we encourage people to compare one of their cosmetic product’s ingredient list against our “toxic ingredient list,” and see how matches you find.

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