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Dehydration in the Developed World? It’s more common than you think – Part 2 of 2


By Brent Leung, C.N.

Slowly Dying from Dehydration

The human body is exceptionally clever and has a spirit for survival that rivals our own conscious desire for life. Given the body has no reservoir for storing water, if it begins to dry up, the body switches to preservation mode or drought management. Its first action—limit any supplementary water loss.

In these initial stages your body basically locks in all its remaining supply, just as a submarine traps everything it inhabitants. Common symptoms include a reduction in urination and sweat as the pores firmly tighten.

Dehydrate the body long enough and it won’t merely thwart fluids from exiting, but the body begins pilfering fluids from less essential regions, allowing hydration to more critical areas. If constipation is something you often labor with, it may be due to dried up, hard feces — a consequence of water being redirected out of the colon.

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True Beauty Begins with Healthy Cells


Are make-up, masks, or other enhancing forms of cosmetics part of your routine skincare ritual?

If so… ask yourself:

What’s my motivation for wearing makeup?

What is my makeup concealing or hiding?

What am I trying to enhance?

Whatever your answers are to these questions, beauty-enhancing products are not the solution. Skin problems run deep, whether it’s acne in our teenage years, the signs of ageing in our later years, or everything in between; these issues are merely symptoms and signs of greater problems that must be treated, festering deep below the epidermis.

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