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The Nocturnal Nutrient: Are you getting enough darkness?


In Paradise Lost, John Milton writes, “What hath night to do with sleep?” The answer – everything!

In last month’s blog, we highlighted the vital importance and life-saving benefits that derive from getting the “right kind” of deep sleep. This month, we would like to delve even deeper into the power of sleep, because as Dr. Russel Reiter, a professor in the Department of Cellular and Structural Biology at the University of Texas San Antonio highlights,  “Light is killing you.”

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The Power of Sleep


We spend one-third of our lifespan sleeping.


Simply put, sleeping is an essential component of human survival. Scientific studies have revealed that rats deprived of sleep die within two to three weeks of continued sleep deprivation. And rats with continued sleep debt live about five months – compared to a normal lifespan of two to three years.

Unfortunately, most people maintain a casual attitude toward sleep, while others don’t sleep nearly as well as they should. People go to bed late and get up early, they toss and turn throughout the night, they wake up and can’t get back to sleep, while many just lay there, aimlessly – as the seconds, then minutes, then hours tick by.

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Dehydration in the Developed World? It’s more common than you think — Part 1 of 2


By Brent Leung, C.N.

Imagine being surrounded by an swarm of medical doctors, first class surgeons, some of the best modern medical equipment money can buy, access to every conceivable medication science has to offer, and then, you die because the best and brightest failed to give you a glass of water. This was the fateful ending for 22-year-old Kane Gorny, who took his last breathe at St George’s hospital in South London. The boy was in such need for a glass of water that he dialed 999 (equivalent to 911 in North America) begging for help.

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Say Cheese! Your Killer Smile may be Slowly Killing You


If you’ve ever worked in a laboratory, hospital, or chemical facility, you know there are certain familiar signs that command one’s attention. One classic example is the skull and crossbones, a universal emblem for poison, or lethal danger.

If you accidently ingest a known poison, there are certain protocols that must be adopted. A medical professional may instruct you to regurgitate what’s in your stomach, you might need your stomach pumped, you may have to swallow activated charcoal, or you may be told to “contact a poison control center immediately.”

The last protocol to contact the poison center also happens to be a compulsory warning that is on the boxes of over 96% of the toothpastes on the consumer market today.

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Arming the Green Giant

The Old World Brings Healing to the New World

Organic Green Tea

As cancer spreads like a wildfire through society with brute force and destruction, arming ourselves with the best defensive and offensive nutritional weapons has never been more important.

While many marvel at the virtues of modern medicine and the constant birthing of new treatment technologies, perhaps an answer to cancer lies not in the present or the future, but in the past.

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